Community Employment

The Community Employment Programme (CE) helps long-term unemployed people to re-enter the active workforce by breaking their experience of unemployment through a return to work routine. The programme assists them to enhance and develop both their technical and personal skills which can then be used in the workplace and all training delivered is within the Quality Assurance framework.


The CE programme is sponsored by local groups wishing to benefit the local community, namely voluntary organisations and public bodies involved in not-for-profit activities.


Here in the EDI Centre the aim is to meet and support the needs of people who are presently unemployed and under employed and to develop and enhance their opportunity to gain employment and further enhance the lives of all living in Longford and surrounding areas. The EDI Centre employs CE participants in the Centre itself and in 5 other organisations throughout the County.


EDI Centre - CE roles vary within the Centre from Reception staff, Information officers, Caretaking staff, Catering assistants and Clerical staff.


Meals on WheelsEngage in the provision of home cooked nutritious meals to older people
CE Staff consists of Drivers and Catering assistants


Attic Teen House - Provides a safe secure environment for young people to meet where they are encouraged to engage in constructive developmental activities. CE Staff consists of Reception staff and Caretaking staff


Centre for Independent Living - provides people with disabilities the opportunity to access greater independence and life choices through the assistance of a Personal Assistant. CE Staff consists of Care assistants


Spring Lawn Development Providing assistance to the Springlawn area and wider community. CE Staff consists of Clerical staff


Longford Mental Health Centre - Providing a day care service for people experiencing Mental Health problems. CE Staff consists of Care attendants


To participate in the DSP Community Employment programme, you must:

  • Register at your local Intreo Office
  • Meet certain Eligibility Criteria
  • Check for more information

DEASP gives financial support in the form of Allowances and Funding to assist with the Community Employment programme, for example participant wages, supervisor grants, materials grants, and specific skills training grants. The training provided through Community Employment is delivered within a Quality Assurance framework. Contact your local Intreo Office for further information about Community Employment.


Current CE vacancies are advertised on