Support Staff

The EDI Centre employs 40 staff who participate in the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) Community Employment (CE) programme, some of these staff members are based in the EDI Centre itself and others are based in community organisations located at various locations in County Longford.

Testimonials from previous CE Staff:

“As CE Staff member of EDI Centre, I thank the support of my supervisor who encouraged me to complete BA degree in Business Enterprise and Community Learning with AIT and Equal Ireland through blended learning.  I grew in confidence and knowledge and progress into self-employment.  I recommend EDI Centre as a learning organisation to advance your career opportunities.”

"I worked as a Clerical Assistant at the Employment, Development & Information Centre, Longford and was employed there for one year. As a college graduate I have had difficulty securing employment relevant to my chosen career and I am still working to achieve this goal, the EDI staff are warm, friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic in helping people achieve their goals.”  

Our CE Staff based in community organisations throughout the County include:

Acorn Project
One to one counselling services on Marriage/Drugs/Mental Health issues & Bereavement. Acorn also run a Man's & Women's Group.

Attic House Teen Project
Provides a safe secure environment for young people to meet where they are encouraged to engage in constructive developmental activities.

Centre for Independent Living
Providing people with disabilities the opportunity to access greater independence and life choices through the assistance of a Personal Assistant.

Longford Mental Health Centre
Providing a day care service for people experiencing Mental Health problems.

Meals on Wheels
Engage in the provision of home cooked nutritious meals to older people.

Springlawn Development
Providing assistance to the Springlawn area and wider community.

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