“EDI Centre is highly dedicated to providing a variety of training courses for individuals wanting employment, career changes, better opportunities and upskilling in areas such as catering, engineering, medical technology and biopharmaceuticals taught by experienced professionals. Funding may also be provided through EDI and special services for mature students wishing to resume academic studies at third level."

"I successfully completed the Traditional & Conservation Skills Training, Level 5 at EDI Centre.  I successfully gained employment with Oldstone Conservations, where I am now Site Manager, overseeing a number of prestigious conservation projects, i.e. GPO, Trinity College, Dame Street and currently a large residential house in Dublin”

“Unable to complete 3rd level course, I attended the first catering and life skill programme in EDI Centre, I found my niche, on completion I completed further training.  I travelled abroad and worked in a 4* hotel for 5 years and I also had the opportunity to go on-board a cruise ship for 6months, since returning to Ireland I am now in management position in 4* hotel.”

"As CE Staff member of EDI Centre, I thank the support of my supervisor who encouraged me to complete BA degree in Business Enterprise and Community Learning with AIT and Equal Ireland through blended learning.  I grew in confidence and knowledge and progress into self-employment.  I recommend EDI Centre as a learning organisation to advance your career opportunities.” 

"I worked as a Clerical Assistant at the Employment, Development & Information Centre, Longford and was employed there for one year. As a college graduate I have had difficulty securing employment relevant to my chosen career and I am still working to achieve this goal, the EDI staff are warm, friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic in helping people achieve their goals.”  

“Since completing Catering & Life skills course in EDI Centre, I have progressed to AIT and in year 2 of Degree in hospitality management. Catering & life skills course was beneficial as it helped to improve my confidence & prepare me for college. Since then I have travelled to France and Malaysia with college and also securedemployment in 4-star hotels in Westport, and Cyprus.”                                              

 “Long-term unemployed with no life structure.  Attended pre-employment in EDI Centre where I received confidence building one-one mentoring, job preparation and interview skills and techniques and upskilling. Now in full time employment for 17years and proud father of three adorable children and partner.”

"Before I started the pre apprenticeship course, I was working part time in the cash and carry in Longford. I enjoy doing the course, its interesting. I also like doing it at the edi centre. I hope to do an sna course after the pre apprenticeship course and I believe that this course has prepared me to do so."                                                              

“EDI courses helped me to gain adequate qualification in catering which is a corner stone for my career and helped me to stand up as independent person. The centre is an adequate and friendly environment where each person is treated with dignity and respect no matter what your background is".

"Before I did the Pre-Apprenticeship course in the EDI Centre in Longford I had completed my Junior Certificate in Templemichael College in Longford.  I was unsure of whether to do an apprenticeship after the Junior Certificate so I decided to do Transition Year to help me decide what I wanted to do.  I was a couple of months into Transition Year but didn't feel like I was gaining any benefit from it on a personal level so when I heard about the Pre- Apprenticeship course in the EDI,  it seemed like it was something that would be more in line with what I wanted to do. 

From the very beginning of the course, the Tutors were extremely helpful and very encouraging.  All the subjects were covered in great detail and if you needed any extra help then it was provided.  The subjects were very well balanced between practical and theory.  In the practicals, we were given as much time as needed on the machines so we were well prepared for the final practical exam.  Overall I found the course as an excellent starting point for an engineering career and I definitely felt more confident as a person leaving the course. The Tutors encouraged me to keep going in education and get as many qualifications as possible.  They provided information on what options were open to me on completion of the course.  

In the end, I decided to do the Level 5 Motor Technology in Longford College of Further Education. What I learned in the Level 4 Course in the EDI was a great help going into the level 5 as the topics were similar and were taken on to a more advanced stage. On completion of the Level 5 Motor Technology, I had the option to apply for a course in Athlone Institute of Technology but I was still unsure and I talked to my tutor on the Level 5 course and he gave me information on a Level 6 course on Industrial Automation in the Training Centre in Athlone.

I was accepted into the level 6 course, as I progressed through the course, the lecturers told me that I could gain advanced year entry into 2nd year of Mechatronics in Athlone Institute of Technology.  I was accepted into the course last September and this September I will be starting year 3 of my degree in Mechatronics.  I don't think I would ever have achieved any of this without the encouragement,help and guidance that I was given by the Tutors in the EDI Centre.  They gave me a great foundation from which I have been able to build on since then."