About the EDI Centre in Longford Town

The EDI is managed by a voluntary committee who are responsible for all decisions regarding the management of the Centre.  This committee includes representation from Longford Employment Action Group, Longford Community Resources Clg, Longford and District Council of Trade Unions and other Community and National Groups.

Our overall aim is to meet the needs of people who are at present unemployed or under-employed.

Through our constant contact and work with all state agencies in County Longford we have built up vital links which enable us to secure the maximum level of support for our clients.

Our ability to act as a ‘one stop shop’ is important in offering clients a quality service as lack of access to information is one of the key barriers to progression amongst unemployed people. 

Our current staffing levels allow us to provide a range of services to our clients. These services are being expanded, subject to funding, to meet identified needs. It is our experience that a client visiting the Centre to source information on one topic and will learn of other opportunities that are available to them for example, the Jobs Seeking Service or Mediation service.

Our values

  • The EDI Centre is committed to equality, justice and promoting diversity and opposes discrimination of any sort
  • The EDI Centre is committed to positive social change to address poverty and exclusion
  • The EDI Centre is committed to working in partnership and adopts a community development approach
  • The EDI Centre values its staff and volunteers as the key resource of the organisation
  • The EDI Centre is committed to pursuing social, environmental and economic sustainability for all
  • The EDI Centre is an independent organisation and is non-party political
  • The EDI Centre empowers individuals to take charge of their own development
  • The EDI Centre strives for excellence in all that it undertakes in order to provide high quality services
  • The EDI Centre conducts its business in an open, honest, transparent and accountable way to its members and stakeholders