Slaintecare Healthy Communities
Introducing the Sláintecare Healthy Communities Programme in Longford Town

In 2021, the Sláintecare Healthy Communities Programme was launched with the noble goal of bolstering health and wellbeing services in 19 community areas across Ireland, including our very own Longford Town. 

The programme aims to ensure local communities have improved access to health and wellbeing services.

Minister for Public Health, Wellbeing, and the National Drugs Strategy, Frank Feighan TD, articulated the program’s ethos succinctly at the launch.

He emphasized the diversity and distinct needs of the 19 selected areas, each representing a microcosm of Ireland’s rich tapestry. It’s heartening to note that every program under this umbrella will be finely tailored to cater to the unique health and wellbeing requisites of its respective community.

This bespoke approach is poised to yield sustainable improvements, touching the lives of individuals of all ages across these communities.

At the core of this initiative is a collaborative effort, with the program set to be executed in partnership with the Health Service Executive (HSE), local authorities, community groups, and various statutory and voluntary organizations.

The injection of investment will pave the way for the creation of new positions, with dedicated staff stationed at the grassroots level.

Their mission: to engage, support, and synchronize activities with utmost efficacy, ensuring the program’s success and longevity.

These 19 community areas aren’t arbitrarily chosen; they are strategically selected Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme areas, strategically distributed across 14 local authorities.

This deliberate selection encompasses a mix of urban and rural regions, ensuring a comprehensive reach that leaves no community behind.

Our Participation in the Sláintecare Healthy Communities Programme

The EDI Centre in Longford Town is proud to be taking part in two of the Sláintecare Healthy Communities initiatives:

QUIT smoking services – Smoking cessation is a journey, and having the right support can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Our QUIT smoking services are designed to provide comprehensive assistance to those endeavoring to kick the habit for good.

If you want to stop smoking, getting the right help can double your chances of success – click here for more information.

Healthy Food Made Easy – They say, “You are what you eat,” and with the Healthy Food Made Easy initiative, we’re committed to promoting informed choices and fostering healthier dietary habits within our community.

To support and inform a healthier diet – click here for more information

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