Recreate Café

The Drumlish Men’s Shed was a hive of creativity and sustainability last Thursday when it hosted the Recreate Café, an ECCO Project event that brought the community together to celebrate the art of upcycling and environmental consciousness. With a variety of engaging displays, attendees were inspired by the ingenuity and practicality of transforming old and unused items into something new and beautiful. 

One of the main attractions was the sewing repair station, where visitors learned how to repair and extend the life of their favourite pieces and reducing textile waste. 

On display was a practical and stylish bag created from old jeans, demonstrating the versatility of denim.

A unique jacket fashioned from a baby’s blanket and a jacket, blending sentimental value with contemporary style. 

A chic handbag made entirely from ties, perfect for a bold fashion statement. 

Furniture repair was equally popular, teaching valuable skills to those eager to breathe new life into their worn-out chairs.  One of the standout projects was the transformation of old chair covers. Attendees watched as skilled hands removed the worn covers and replaced them with new fabrics, showcasing the aesthetic and functional benefits of upcycling. 

The event also highlighted the importance of biodiversity and food waste prevention. Experts shared practical tips on how to minimize food waste in our daily lives and the positive impact it has on our environment. Attendees were educated on biodiversity efforts and how they could contribute to preserving the natural beauty of the community.  Not forgetting the identification of plants which will encourage bees and butterflies.

Live art sessions provided a creative backdrop, demonstrating the beauty of artistic expression. Signage promoting the event was displayed on reused festival and election posters.

The event featured an impressive array of upcycled items, including:

  • A stunning table and chairs set crafted from banqueting chairs and pallets.
  • A beautifully crafted wooden table made from a felled tree, merging natural elements with craftsmanship.
  • Tables spray painted and hand painted using reusable paint.
  • A fully functional wooden bicycle made from an Italian suite of furniture.
  • Decorative wooden items meticulously fashioned from old furniture, turning discarded pieces into charming home décor.

Spot prizes on the day included an Air Fryer, courtesy of the Rediscovery Centre, Food Waste Caddy’s courtesy of Mulleady’s Waste, Cooler bags and reusable drinks bottles courtesy of the EDI Centre and Revamp 3RStore, Longford.

The Recreate Café was a resounding success, providing a platform for community members to learn, create, and connect. It served as a reminder of the potential hidden within items often considered waste, and the beauty that can emerge when we embrace sustainability and creativity.