Established in 2002 as a training project for long-term unemployed young people Revamp 3RStore is an innovative furniture recycling and reuse initiative of the EDI Centre.

Revamp believes in the circular economy and taking things which have still got great value and giving them a new lease of life.

In 2013 Revamp 3RStore were able to showcase some of the work being carried out by staff when they got the opportunity to work with the Backstage Theatre when they were undergoing a major refurbishment.

Revamp 3R Store were delighted to receive the Pakman Award for ‘Community Recycling Project of the Year 2016’

In 2021 Revamp 3RStore was awarded funding and business supports by Rethink Ireland.

The 3RStore carries out a wide range of services including French Polishing, furniture refinishing, joint and frame repair, upholstery, reconditioning existing finishes, repairs and replica parts, hand painted finish, spray painted finish, bespoke paint colours, and much more.

For more information check out Revamp’s website or follow them on Facebook